The Military Diet Results

The Military Diet Results

These YouTube videos can give you first-hand information of what people are going through when on the Military Diet. The Military Diet Results are amasing if you are following the Diet properly and will get you to the desired weight.

Mia, 25, from Pittsburg, has done the Military Diet off and on for a few years. During this time, the Military Diet has helped her to lose significant amount of weight. Although the diet says you can lose 10 pounds a week, Mia claims it’s not guaranteed as your weight loss depends on biological factors as well, such as fluid retention during menstrual cycle, as was the case with her. The diet can be easily modified to suit those who are lactose or gluten intolerant or allergic to foods. She starts at 146 pounds and finishes the diet plan at 143 pounds, but only because she was on her period.

To increase her weight loss results, she further modifies the diet plan by eliminating toast and ice cream. She admits it wasn’t the best week to follow the diet because she was retaining water, but, she’s generally satisfied with her weight loss results.

It’s not the first time for this woman to be on the Military Diet. In fact, she did it before, but didn’t record her weight loss results at the time. She was satisfied with the results the first time and is doing the diet again, but this time, only to kick start a healthier lifestyle. She highly recommends this dietary regimen for its fast efficacy and believes that losing 10 pounds is great motivation for beginners. The second time she starts at 136.6 pounds. She modifies the diet at some points simply because she’s out of ingredients that are on the list. With her weight loss result of 129 pounds, she couldn’t be happier, especially as she knows that she didn’t follow the diet strictly. In fact, she’s being honest about expecting a little less than that.

Her final opinion on the Military Diet is thumbs up because it’s a great way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

Here are more directly from people Military Diet Results.

In this video you can see 3 couples sharing their experiences of losing weight for 3 days on the Military Diet. Although none of the couples are actually thrilled by the choice and amount of food on the diet plan, they all agree that the weight loss results are extremely motivating. This only confirms the most important aspect of this diet – its fast efficacy!

Ciara, a health and fitness instructor, puts the Military Diet to the test to see if it really works and if you can really lose up to 10 pounds in a week. To her surprise, she finds the diet quite enjoyable, which you can’t say for diets in general. Ciara is also pleasantly surprised by the choice of food because the diet plan includes food that’s generally liked. In order to follow the diet in its original version, she deliberately decides not to make any substitutions. She enjoys all the foods and doesn’t recall feeling hungry at any point.

She finds the diet very affordable (30$ for all the foods on the list, which equals 10$ a day for the 3-day period). An added bonus is that all the foods are easily available at any store. Her overall opinion of the diet is really positive as she’s managed to lose 5 lbs without having to starve. She also feels lighter and more energetic.

Still not convinced? Read The Military Diet Review. Or if you are ready to start the diet, Click Here to Download the Military Diet.